Dentures and Partials

Cost-effective permanent and temporary tooth replacement option.

If a cost-effective removable appliance is your preferred restoration, a full or partial denture is an option.

Dentures can be a temporary or permanent removable option to replace missing teeth. They can aid in restoring a patients bite, smile, and facial support close to that of natural teeth and gums.

Through several appointments, your care team with take several highly accurate impressions, try-in mockups, and make adjustments for ultimate comfort. Although a removable appliance is least like natural teeth and gums, it can affordable help patients replace missing teeth.

A denture needs more maintenance and repair than other options. We recommend seeing us twice a year, and bringing your denture with you to the appointment. We can clean, and make necessary repairs at that time. Call us if sore spots develop or the appliance changes in fit. 

Derby Dental is pleased to offer dental implants to her patients throughout the Austin, TX area.

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