Kindness and Smiling Faces at Derby Dental

bob marly

Derby Dental has been back in full swing now for over a month. What has surprised us the most about this new period in out practice?  Our staff has an immediate answer! Kindness and smiling faces are everywhere.  Our patients are genuinely happy to come see us.  They are excited to have a safe and clean place to go.  In a world that has so many problems, they are thrilled to have social interaction with our friendly and caring staff.

And the caring has gone both ways.  Our patients have been so understanding about scheduling issues and conflicts.  Because they know supplies are hard to find, they have helped us get supplies, donated masks and face shields and even 3D printed “ear savers” for our staff. We are truly humbled by the love and kindness that our patients have shown us this past month. It makes our lives and our practice so much happier.  Because isn’t that what saves us all in the end, truly caring about other people.   

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