Oral Cancer Screening

We use OralID because it's the best oral cancer screening tool in the industry.

Oral cancer is the only cancer still on the rise, in particular for male patients under the age of 45. Unfortunately, mortality rates for oral cancer are high due to the fact that nearly 70% of oral cancers are discovered in their late stages.

The culprit for this 16-year increase is the easily transmitted human papillomavirus (HPV), that can go undetected without certain diagnostic screening tools. 

At Derby Dental, we want to do our part to stop this preventable killer by screening all of our patients at every visit. In addition to clinical chairside head and neck exams by the doctor and hygienist team, at Derby Dental we offer an enhanced immunofluorescence technology, called  OralID, which can help detect cancerous changes in their early stages. It is recommended that this exam be performed once a year, or at every other check-up visit. 

If you have any questions or request more frequent screenings, we’d love to talk more with you about it at your next visit. 

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