Where to Park at Derby?

A photo of the front visitor parking signs and lot at Derby Dental

No matter if you work at a cool new startup downtown, live in Rosedale or Pflugerville, or have been working for years at Dell, one thing is certain: your dentist is in a great location at the corner of Far West and Mopac. 

The Northwest Hills area is pretty easy to get to from almost anywhere in Austin (barring traffic) and we have tons of delicious lunch spots nearby if you’re trying to grab a bite and get your teeth cleaned on your lunch break. (Seriously, the Boulevard Bar & Grill, Biderman’s Deli, Saffron–I could go on and on about food!) But we’re not here to talk about food or our great location… 

we’re going to discuss your most burning question, the question 85% of our patients ask us:

Where the heck can I park?!

Y’all, I hear you. On the days we don’t start until 10a.m. we’re practically parking over at Wendy’s and taking a shuttle. There seem to be a large number of spots on the lot but most of them are reserved or say “Contract Parking Only”. Where does that leave you?

You’re a responsible person who left work with just enough time to get to the office for your mid-morning appointment but now you feel like a dolt because you just spent five minutes circling and now you’re late for your appointment and you’re frustrated and probably mumbling such profanities under your breath that even George Carlin would tell you to tone it down.

I know it may be tempting to park anywhere and take your chances, but please be aware that property management seems to have a whole fleet of grackles watching over the parking lot just waiting to nark on you. Management is cracking down on reserved, 30-minute, and 2-hour visitor parking and will not hesitate to tow. They’ve already had two cars towed so far!

We definitely know the frustration of not being able to find a place to park and want to find a solution. We’re in talks with the building property managers to get some designated parking spots for our patients. Until then, here are some tips for finding a spot and keeping your cool:

  1. Snag an early morning appointment. The parking lots usually don’t fill up until about 9 a.m.
  2. Wind your way up to the 5th floor of the garage
  3. Add a buffer to your travel time in case you find yourself waiting for a spot

Location is so important, especially in Austin where traffic rules our lives. We’re glad we’re in a central location, close to the major roadways, an HEB and tons of food… and we’re glad we can provide a 5-star dental experience no matter where you’re coming from. We hope to get our parking up to 5 star standards soon!

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