All On Four® Austin, TX

Are you missing a full arch of teeth? Ready for a better option for tooth replacement than a removable denture?

Derby Dental offers the All On Four® procedure in Austin for patients needing a complete new smile. The All On Four® process enables the majority of edentulous patients to be candidates for an implant supported denture. All On Four® will provide a stable, permanent new smile. Secured with a minimum of four strategically placed dental implants, your new cosmetic denture will support natural aesthetics and function. Are you ready to enjoy smiling again?

all on four dentures in austin tx

All On Four® in Austin: what to expect.

Dr. Whitehouse and Dr. Kilkelly will meet with you to evaluate your oral health condition and to discuss your oral health goals. Using 3-D digital scanning technology, we can determine if there has been bone loss or significant changes in the structure of your smile. The All On Four procedure is often the best treatment option for patients who may not be considered good candidates for traditional dental implants due to compromised bone structure. If tooth extractions are needed, this will be a part of your treatment plan that is designed to rebuild your smile in one visit.

The All On Four process is designed to secure a denture with smaller implants that are strategically placed in the jaw for maximum strength and stability. The exact number of dental implants needed will depend upon the condition of your oral structure and type of denture to be placed. We will discuss this with you during your consultation and provide details on what is needed to meet your oral health needs.

Your new smile is placed during one long visit. The dental implants are placed in the jaw using advanced digital technology that can guide our dental care team for exact placement according to the treatment plan. Once in place, a new temporary denture is attached and you will leave with a functional smile.

The temporary will remain in place for a few months to allow the gums and soft tissues to adjust to the new denture. After this healing period, we will take new dental impressions and your permanent, custom denture will be created and placed.

Implant Dentures with All On Four®: what are the benefits?

Choosing the right treatment option for tooth replacement is important for a successful and lasting outcome. All On Four® was designed to allow more patients to receive implant supported dentures and enjoy the benefits of this treatment option. Key benefits to consider include:

  • Implant supported dentures can help stabilize changes in the bone structure of the jaw after tooth loss.
  • Dental implants offer a permanent and secure new smile without that looks and feels completely natural.
  • Patients with implant dentures can enjoy eating all of their favorite foods and speaking with confidence.

The alternative to an implant supported denture is a traditional denture. This is a removable appliance and can often have an impact on your ability to eat and speak normally. Traditional dentures can also begin to slip and irritate the gums over time. If you have a full arch of teeth to replace, consider the benefits of dental implants and explore your treatment options with our dental care team.

Ready to learn more about All On Four®?

If you would like to discuss your oral health needs and explore treatment with All On Four®, schedule a consultation with Dr. Kilkelly or Dr. Whitehouse. We welcome new patients and can also provide a second opinion for your tooth replacement needs. Our office is a friendly, welcoming environment where we work with patients to achieve beautiful, healthy smiles.