Preventative Dental Care | Austin, TX

periosciences at home fluoride treatment for gum disease

At Derby Dental, we do a thorough gum screening at each of your dental check-up visits and discuss any signs of an unhealthy mouth. We will make recommendations for Gum Disease Therapy, and work with you in getting this disease under control as soon as possible. 

One of the most effective means of preventing tooth decay is fluoride treatments and sealants. At Derby Dental we use the top industry leading products to ensure our patients the best possible care. 

Derby Dental hygienist checks patients mouth for preventative care

Dr. Whitehouse and Dr. Killkelly encourage their Austin, TX area patients to come in at least twice a year for exams & cleanings, although some patients may need to come in more frequently.

Derby Dental hygienist helps patient with TMJ custom appliance

A simple appliance can be made and worn to prevent damage to teeth, and help relieve pain and tension in the jaw.

Derby Dental hygienist makes custom mouth-guard for patient

Custom made mouthguard’s right at our office in Austin, TX. Uniquely made to fit for your mouth for ultimate protection and comfort.  

Patient at Derby Dental uses 3D cone beam imaging machine

At Derby Dental we pride ourselves on using the most cutting edge dental technology. Our 3D cone beam imaging machine is an example of how we use the best tools with expertise to accurately diagnose and care for our patients.

oral cancer screening

At Derby Dental, we want to do our part to stop this preventable killer by screening all of our patients at every visit. In addition to clinical chairside head and neck exams by the doctor and hygienist team, at Derby Dental we offer an enhanced immunofluorescence technology, called  OralID, which can help detect cancerous changes in their early stages

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