Restorative Dental Care | Austin, TX

Derby Dental staff uses cutting edge technology to examine crown and bridge work for a patient

Dental crowns and bridges can be an easy and effective way to restore damaged, cracked, or missing teeth. 

Dr. Whitehouse at Derby Dental Austin, TX.

At Derby Dental our trained staff of dental professionals can complete the entire process involved in getting dental implants right here in our Austin, TX office. 

Dr. Killkelly inspecting a patients mouth at Derby Dental

Tooth-colored fillings offer a discrete finished look, no more silver cavity fills notifying the world where you had a cavity. 

Dr. Killkelly at Derby Dental in Austin, TX

Inlays and Onlays are a stronger, more permanent option than dental fillings. These are great options when large areas of the tooth have been affected by tooth decay. 

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